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Chinese Batteries Damage American DVD Players

McNair Technology Co Ltd., a Chinese battery manufacturer, is blamed for the recall of numerous portable DVD players, informs Reuters.

One of McNair’s representatives declared today that it had not yet been proved that the company’s batteries were used and how did these products got into the DVD players.

It is said, not for certain though, that McNair and another Chinese manufacturer made the malfunctioning batteries and Memcorp Inc, a Florida based company, distributed the battery packs.

"Our company has no business relationship with Memcorp. Whether or not the DVD players that company recalled used our company's batteries still needs further verification," McNair said in a statement.

Also, the company said that never before was McNair notified of any problems regarding the products.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed last week that almost 102,000 Disney portable DVD players were being recalled because of the malfunctioning battery packs, which could overheat or, worse, explode during charging.

"Our company has yet to receive a report from any authoritative inspection body about quality problems that exist with our products, nor have we got in touch or asked a third party to entrust an inspection body to look into the aforementioned quality problems", McNair representative added.
Chinese Batteries Damage American DVD Players - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 -

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