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Da Vinci Code quest launched as online puzzle

LONDON (Reuters) - It has been spun into a video game and mobile phone game already -- now fans of The Da Vinci Code can also embark on an online puzzle quest run by Google.

The reality game-style code quest fits with the book's themes of brain-bending puzzles, with 24 contests running daily until May 11, 2006 and a prize draw for those who answer all 24 puzzles correctly.

The puzzles include symbol logic, chess-related codes, city map jigsaw puzzles and video riddles.

Accessible in Britain on www.google.co.uk/davincicode, the online quest is also available for fans in the United States and Australia.

The UK winner will get return tickets to Paris on the Eurostar.

Written by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code is a thriller in which the main characters must uncover clues they hope will lead them to an important religious relic.

The book is one of the most successful novels of all time with sales of 40 million copies.

Brown was vindicated this month in a British court battle with two historians who accused him of plagiarizing their book.

The Da Vinci Code movie, starring Tom Hanks, premieres in May at the Cannes film festival in France.

Da Vinci Code quest launched as online puzzle - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 -

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