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TDK Pips Rivals at Blu-ray Post

Racing past several of its rivals, TDK has actually started shipping 25GB recordable and rewritable, bare, cartridge-free Blu-ray Discs. The 25GB discs sport a single layer, whereas the 50GB discs slated to ship later this year feature a dual layer.

The inorganic recording material used in TDK's write-once type BD-Rs is said to be completely different from that used in the current crop of CDs and DVDs. In case of the rewritable BD-RE Blu-ray Discs, a specially designed high-sensitivity phase-change recording material is being used. Both the 25GB and the 50GB BD-R and BD-RE discs offer 2x(72Mbps)rated recording speed.
Each Blu-ray Disc incorporates Durabis, which according to TDK is the world's most advanced hard coating formulation that improves the scratch/fingerprints/dust resistance of Blu-ray Discs. TDK says that the archival life expectancy rating for its Blu-ray Discs is over 50 years.

The Blu-ray Disc consists of an outermost internal layer around 0.1 millimeters thick, protecting the recording material inside. In order to ensure uniformity of thickness of the cover layer while recording, TDK has developed the Spin Coating manufacturing process wherein the cover layer is spun onto the disc at high speed ensuring even disbursal of material. High precision stacking technology further ensures reliability by overlaying disc layers with precision and consistency.

Bruce Youmans, vice president - marketing, TDK, said, "TDK is pleased to be the first to market with bare Blu-ray Disc media, which can be counted among the most significant product introductions in the company's distinguished 70 year history. TDK has been involved in the development of blue laser recording technology since 1998, and TDK innovations such as hard coating and our inorganic dye formulation have played an essential role in making this revolutionary new format a reality."

Presently TDK is offering recordable 25GB Blu-ray Discs in 50-piece spindle packaging so as to ensure greater reliability.

TDK Blu-ray Discs are retailing at $19.99 per 25GB BD-R (recordable) and $24.99 per 25GB BD-RE (rewritable).

For the 50GB Blu-ray Discs scheduled to ship later this year, retail pricing is set at $47.99 for a 50GB BD-R (recordable) and $59.99 for a 50GB BD-RE (rewritable).
TDK Pips Rivals at Blu-ray Post - Tuesday, April 11, 2006 -

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