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Searching with Images, Microsoft's Next Target

We search for sites, images, video sequences, academic materials and many others by using keywords and soon our own voice, but innovation in this field is far from being over.

This time, the breeze of change blows from Redmond, the Microsoft labs to be more precise, where the company’s engineers are readying a new type of search; this one uses images instead of keywords.

eWeek writes in an article about a new search feature, called Photo2Search, through which users will be able to send an image with what they are searching for and will receive information about the objects in the photograph or other sites with similar images.

This new possibility is mainly aimed at cameraphone owners, who will use the new feature to search data about a certain monument or location anywhere in the world (provided that there is a communication network).

The eWeek site mentions that around mid-May, researcher Xing Xie and his team will present a research paper, "Photo-to-Search: Using Camera Phones to Inquire of the Surrounding World".

Microsoft’s announcement completes the online innovation spectrum, Google receiving a few days ago a patent for a technology that allows users to utter the keywords instead of typing them.
Searching with Images, Microsoft's Next Target - Monday, April 17, 2006 -

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