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Nvidia Will Launch Quad SLI at E3

NVIDIA is going to launch a new product - Quad SLI - at E3. At least this seems to be the date of “The Big Launch”, not that it hasn't been set before for Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This time, it will probably be different. “The paper launch” doesn’t need the product itself and it opens “the teaser period”, just as long as Nvidia wants it to be.

On the other hand, “the milk launch” is just the opposite, because you launch the same thing 23 times and wait for “an efficient milking” that implies more headlines each time.

Quad SLI doubles SLI’s performances, combining four GPUs for a doubled efficiency. NVIDIA also includes a new 32x SLI AA mode, exclusive for Quad SLI.

Quad SLI is much more complicated than just combining four cards into one system. In order to make Quad SLI compatible with a wide a range of PCs, NVIDIA combines two GPUs onto one physical card. More specifically, each Quad SLI card combines two PCBs onto one board.

Since we come closer and closer to the14th Quad-SLI launch, out of 23, it looks like we’ll have a summer of fun and Quad SLI launches ahead of us.

Anyway, as there are so many launches, I think that no one will care about this product by the time it hits the retail stores.
Nvidia Will Launch Quad SLI at E3 - Monday, April 17, 2006 -

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