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Search giant Google revolutionized with “orion”

Ori Alon has penned a cutting edge search algorithm called and has “Orion” revolutionized online searches. Search giant Google wins the race by acquiring rights over this new tool. Apparently big names like Microsoft and Yahoo were also interested in the super-advanced technique for prioritizing relevance in text-searches.

Back in September information regarding development of a new super advanced search engine was released but the search engine itself was never available for the public to use. Ori Alon the developer is an Israeli student from the University of New South Wales, Australia who now, according to news reports out this weekend, works for Google. Google, Alon and the university all refused to comment, though Google confirmed that 'Ori Alon works at Google's Mountain View, California offices. Google has also acquired his search technology. This algorithm works out the most relevant text on which to perform a search. It only works in English and rates the text by quality of the site in which it appears. Orion will make searches less-time consuming, by working with existing search engines and expanding on their function. Moreover, instead of finding pages on the net that contain keywords, then providing links, the new search engine will provide expanded text extracts immediately, strongly related to the key word s which will eradicate the need to open every link although there is still that option." The idea is to keep people from having to go back and forth between the search result page and each link while looking for a page that best meets the searcher's needs.

Allon, 26 said that Orion would improve "the speed and focus of internet searches which is, as we all know, an invaluable service." His supervisor at the University of NSW, Dr Martin said that the tool would make searching much easier and less frustrating, "You won't have to click and see if what you're after is in this web page, and go back and forth again and again," he said."This will give the information directly and immediately. It will be a great time-saver for users." The University will retain the ownership rights of Orion since it was developed as a part of its Ph D program. However the deal with Google promises to net in millions of dollars, which is in effect a small fortune for the University.

Allon, who came to Australia in 2002, has finished his bachelor's and master's degrees at Melbourne's Monash University. Dr Martin said that he was a tremendously talented student, "He's done in one year what most students wouldn't be able to do in three years," he enthused.
Unfortunately there is no public demo of Orion, but this system is said to give users the most satisfying and relevant results that the user may not be aware of.

Search giant Google revolutionized with “orion” - Monday, April 10, 2006 -

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