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New PS3 pricing rumours stir up the 'net

Just over 200 quid for Sony's next-gen console? That's what unconfirmed reports are saying, at any rate

Hurray for console pricing rumours, and hurray especially for PS3 pricing rumours! New gossip circulating the 'net is suggesting Sony's next-gen console could hit the UK cheaper than previously thought - at around 222 quid.

Apparently, these latest PS3 price-tag rumours originated in a US PlayStation magazine, grandly stating that the next-gen console will hit States-side for 399 USD in November (which, according to our abacus, works out at around the above mentioned 222 GBP). Obviously it'd never retail for 222 GBP - the 'ending in 9' pricing convention MUST BE OBSERVED - and, of course, it's unlikely we'd get anything near a direct dollar to pound conversion either, but that's cheap godammit. If it's true.

An intriguing rumour to be sure but one that, let's face it, is pretty hard to swallow - especially considering the expected supreme cost of Blu-ray players, which will feature inside the PS3. We'd love it to be true, but let's just wait for E3 where Sony will deliver concrete info on PS3 pricing. Well, it'd better do otherwise we're going to, er, do something bad.
New PS3 pricing rumours stir up the 'net - Thursday, April 27, 2006 -

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