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MacIntel vs. Wintel


Apple Computer has this year begun in earnest the Herculean task of moving its retail line of personal computers from IBM’s PowerPC architecture to Intel. We at Macologist have taken this opportunity to step back and examine three of the new “Mactels”, the Intel Core Duo iMacs (1.83 and 2.0GHz) , and the MacBook Pro, and to examine these in light of a wide range of other computers, ranging from the iMac G4 to the QuadCore G5 PowerMac.

The timing for such tests has never been better, as universal binaries (UBs) for many applications and games have begun to be released by developers—of course without an Intel-specific build of an application, it will be running in the PPC emulation mode Rosetta. When possible we have obtained UBs for games and benchmarking tools, as well as forced Rosetta, modes to illustrate the performance penalty of emulation.

As our focus is with games, we will begin with a series of gaming benchmarks, then move on to other application as well as graphics and computational benchmarks. Of course there is no perfect benchmark, so we’ve also tried to provide a variety of different measurements.

Some of the benchmarking is still in progress and we plan to continue to update this article with new computers to the list as we go along, so please check back for updates to this article, especially results from these benchmarks in XP via Boot Camp!

Do It Yourself

We feel one of the most important features of this benchmark smorgasbord is the DIY aspect: we provide the instructions for you to run these tests at home, so that you can make your own comparisons with your benchmarks of choice, whether on Mac or PC.

Intel Mac Benchmark Smorgasbord [Macologist]
MacIntel vs. Wintel - Sunday, April 16, 2006 -

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