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Da Vinci film faces ban in Korea

Dan Brown
Author Dan Brown's bestselling novel has courted controversy
A religious group in Korea has applied for a provisional injunction to stop the release of the movie version of the novel The Da Vinci Code.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) filed its application in Seoul against the film's distributor Sony Pictures, according to Screen International.

Dan Brown's bestselling book suggests Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child.

CCK said the film was "an insult and defamation" of the holiness of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

The group added that they were "concerned about the damage that would be caused to individuals' faith" because of the film's content.

The film stars Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou and is directed by Ron Howard.

It is currently scheduled to open in Korea next month after its Cannes world premiere on 17 May.

Until Friday, the film was threatened with not opening at all as the publisher's of Brown's book were being sued for breach of copyright of an earlier book.

But the judge at London's High Court ruled that Brown had not copied the "central theme" of the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail written by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh.

Mr Justice Peter Smith, said The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail did not have a central theme in the way its authors suggested.

"It was an artificial creation for the purposes of the litigation working back from the Da Vinci Code," he ruled.

Both books explore the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child and the bloodline survives to this day.

The Da Vinci Code is still in the UK top 10 book sales chart, while The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is back in the top 40 thanks to the controversy.

Da Vinci film faces ban in Korea - Sunday, April 16, 2006 -

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