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Google Video: Movers, Shakers and history

googlevideo.jpgGoogle Video was given a couple new features today (also spotted by users of the blogoscoped forum) — the addition of Movers & Shakers, recently uploaded videos, search history, and also the main page was rearranged once again.

Movers & Shakers is a section that breaks video popularity down by country. I'm not exactly certain what makes a video a "mover and shaker", or how they are ranked. I am guessing it's basically the top 100 for each country rather than for the entire collection of videos.


The "recently uploaded" section is a nice addition too — one that was only a matter of time since making their publishing speed comparable to YouTube. As the title implies, it shows you random videos that were uploaded recently (seems to be within the last week).

For those who are paranoid about Google keeping search history, one more Google service has added the ability to track your searches. Google now records your video search history and keeps it in the same location as Google search history. I guess now finding that video you watched a week ago is a bit easier.

The final change I noticed today was the rearrangement of the main page. "Featured" videos are all the way at the bottom now — a bit ironic isn't it? You would think featured videos should be the most visible, but I guess they have figured out people would rather see the popular and recent videos than the featured ones.

Google Video: Movers, Shakers and history - Saturday, June 10, 2006 -

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