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Sandio's Game O' 3D gaming mouse

Serious gamers are always looking for an edge, so any product that promises to transfer to a mouse the movement commands that were formerly restricted to the keyboard is bound to draw some interest. Sandio Technology is showing off one such mouse, the Game O', at E3 this year, calling it "the first and the only six degrees-of-freedom 3D mouse in the IT industry." From what we can tell, the 2000 dpi laser mouse seems to allow players to move in around in 3D space by translating mouse motions into 3D in-game movement, as opposed to just aiming a weapon's crosshair's, when the button above the scroll wheel is depressed. Sandio will be releasing the Game O' "soon," for the not-unreasonable price of $80.

Update: Although all the details are still unclear, Ars Technica got a brief hands-on with the Game O', and states that 3D movement is actually accomplished by a joypad on the left side of the mouse that's controlled with your thumb (they say that the top button, or perhaps second joypad, didn't even work in the demo). Oh, and AT doesn't seem all that thrilled with the whole concept, either.
Sandio's Game O' 3D gaming mouse - Saturday, May 13, 2006 -

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