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Final Fantasy VII PS3 demo

UPI) -- Square Enix shows off the power of Cell with some RPG nostalgia.

At first, Square Enix confused Sony conference attendees with a cinematic video from their upcoming series sequel, Final Fantasy VII, as a demonstration of PlayStation 3`s backwards compatibility, only to turn around and blow away audience members with a real-time version of one of Final Fantasy VII`s most memorable cinematics.

Fan-favorite character Final Fantasy character Aeris was shown in the depths of polluted Midgar, only to have the camera draw out and show a fully-polygonal, detailed, real-time version of Final Fantasy VII`s cherished city. After the pan out, however, the camera zoomed to another area of Midgar, where Cloud leaps off a train to show his gigantic sword to the invisible camera.

When the video finished, rabid audience response prompted Square Enix president Yoichi Wada to announce the company had no intentions of developing a remake of Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3, but reiterated plans to bring the popular series to the PlayStation 3 eventually.

Final Fantasy VII PS3 demo - Wednesday, March 29, 2006 -

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