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AMD Multi-Core Technology

Introducing Multi-Core Technology

Multi-core processors represent a major evolution in computing technology.

Placing two or more powerful computing cores on a single processor opens up a world of important new possibilities. Learn about the evolution of multi-core technology and its advantages.

The Evolution of Multi-Core Technology

With the introduction of the first computer came market demands for more computing capacity. Symmetrical multi-processing (SMP) has long been a technology used to increase computing performance and efficiency by spreading computing loads across multiple processors. SMP is especially effective in multi-threaded environments where many tasks (threads) need to be handled simultaneously.

As application performance demands grow, processor designers are facing the issue that it takes more power to drive more computing capability. More power means that dissipation levels also need to be managed. Add to this the demands of the industry for computers to become smaller – more servers in a rack, thin and lighter laptops, and smaller footprint for a desktop system. Multi-core processing will help address these computing challenges. This evolution in technology will allow for increased performance and higher productivity in smaller computers that can simultaneously run multiple complex applications and successfully complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time.

* AMD Multi-Core Technology White Paper (PDF)

The Multi-Core Advantage

In today's digital world the demands of complex 3D simulations, streaming media files, added levels of security, more sophisticated user interfaces, larger databases, and more on-line users are beginning to exceed single-core processor capabilities.

Multi-core processors enable true multitasking. On single-core systems, multitasking can max out CPU utilization, resulting in decreased performance as operations have to wait to be processed. On multi-core systems, since each core has its own cache, the operating system has sufficient resources to handle most compute intensive tasks in parallel.

Multi-core technology can improve system efficiency and application performance for computers running multiple applications at the same time.
Benefits of Multi-Core Technology

* Improved system efficiency and application performance for computers running multiple applications
* Enhanced performance for multi-threaded applications
* Support for more users or tasks for transaction-intensive applications
* Superior performance for compute-intensive applications
* Simplified overall computing infrastructure requirements helping to save you money
* Helps to eliminate thermal and environmental issues

* More benefits...

Powered by AMD Opteron™ 64
AMD Multi-Core Technology - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 -

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